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by Michael J Burton

“Runners, take your marks!”

The butterflies in Davis Nine’s stomach mutated into frenzied hummingbirds. Was it too late? Could he pull the IV out of his forearm, toss the Tweakpod and walk off the track, forget the whole thing? Tempting, but there was too much at stake; he wouldn’t get another chance like this. He swallowed rising bile. Read the rest of this entry »

One of My Favorite Pictures

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Taken by: Michael J Burton

A  happy accident that I found this little one; unfortunately the RAW photo has been lost.

See more of Mike’s Photos at: Michael J Burton Photography on Facebook

Chemtrails and You and Lowered IQ: Revised and Expanded

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Chemtrails and You and Lowered IQ: Revised and Expanded


Michael J Burton

February 17th, 2014

One chilly January morning this new year I awoke to find a sudden, dramatic rise in the number of re-posts about ‘chemtrails’ on facebook. I’m not much of a fan of pseudoscience and fear-mongering, so I immediately set out to do battle in the name of… SCIENCE! Here is the result, spanning about two weeks, and beginning with a rather long rant against the whole concept. Read the rest of this entry »


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Please pardon the mess while I get my site back up and running.  I’ll post a couple fiction stories and some photos soon–it’s been a very busy week!